Monday, December 24, 2012

A Traditional Christmas

Although this site seems very dead through the year, there almost always appears a Christmas special! There was only one year that a Christmas special was not produced.

This is a short story I quickly wrote this year. I had not been planning on doing a Christmas special, but when Caleb Thiessen asked me, I figured I may as well! (So you can thank him for this either way [good or bad])

So often the real meaning of Christmas gets clouded by this world. In our story today, our character has strayed from church and serving God, that he has turned to the materialism of Christmas. His life takes a drastic turn that causes him to reconsider where his priorities are.

I really love how the plot just came together as I was writing this. Details just seemed to volunteer themselves into the story!

But...I won't bore you with that...

And without further ado, I am proud to present to you...

A Traditional Christmas

Starring Caleb Thiessen and Josiah Coates

And of course blewpers!!

Also, a special appearance by our friend, Hasenpfeffer!