Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Crack-Pot Professor #4: Season 1, Secretaries and Scientists

Hello there, Listeners of AAP. Here is the fourth episode of the Crack-Pot Professor.

We now introduce a new character to the series: George Taylor. He is Zimmerman's secretary, and I know you will love him! In the next episode he leaves and is a reoccurring character in several episodes but comes back as a regular at the end of the season.

Please enjoy, Secretaries and Scientists.

Starring the Comedy Gang

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Crack-Pot Professor #3: Season 1, Jumping to Contusions

And now here is the 3rd CPP Episode. Moving along huh? Slow but sure.

And no, contusions is not a typo. (But it is meant to be a pun for Jumping to Conclusions)

Enjoy Jumping to Contusions.

Starring Jacob Brody and Silas Johnson

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Crack-Pot Professor #2: Season 1, Professional Reunion

Hello everyone. We are now ready for Season 1 to start! This is the second CPP Episode. There are going to be 12 regular season Episodes, and then there will be a special edition after each season, 2 after some seasons!

Sorry for the horrible quality of this one, and for the terrible story plot. This is the very first story we actually wrote for Hasenpfeffer. And part of the time I was only using a built-in mic. Horrible! Just try to make it through and the rest are great!

Anyway, enjoy Professional Reunion.

Staring Jacob Brody and Silas Johnson

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Crack-Pot Professor #1: Intro Episode, House Hunting

Hello everyone! I know it has been a really really big delay, over a year, but this new series is here, just like I said. Before I get into things, let me introduce you to this new series, and some hilarious characters!

It all started when I talked to Jacob on Skype a long time ago, and he was pretending to be a "Crack-Pot Professor", Professor H. Rider Hasenpfeffer, which you heard in the best of Silas ad Jacob (If you listened to it). Anyway, I was laughing hysterically, and he was continuously saying he was Professor Hasenpfeffer. As time went by, I was eventually known as Professor Zimmerman,whom I then called Arby Zimmerman (R = Rutherford / B = Bouriguard). And then, a while back (Quite a while now), we had a conversation via Skype as our Professors, and I got the idea for the first scene in the second episode, which we wrote before this one and then made the first episode. I told Jacob, and he thought it better to make it a long production, so we took turns writing our separate scenes, coming out to what is going to be "Professional Reunion". And that is coming soon. (You don't have to understand all that. Just act like you do)

Anyway, enough talk. It's show time! Let the series begin! Please sit back and enjoy, Houses Hunting.

Starring Jacob Brody

And here are some bloopers for you to enjoy!