Friday, March 6, 2009

Frank's Dog

Hi everyone! This is a little story I wrote. It is funny, almost like a Quick and Flupke.

There is a little bit of a problem with the audio of the stories. I put them all together, but to make them so you can listen to them on the web, that does not work for me. I send them all to Jacob, he sends me what he needs to, you don't REALLY need to know what that is, and then I put that in the draft, and it gets published!

Anyway, hope you enjoy Frank's Dog.

Starring Eric Jones


  1. Wow! This story is short, but makes good use of its shortness. As you said, it does resemble a Quick & Flupke gag; so it's a short funny kind of cartoonish story. And I really enjoyed it! The dream part is probably the best part. I'd give this a 5/5. :D

  2. what about a cat?
    Frankly, I think a cat would be the way to go. Less muss and fuss. Of course, you'd have to find the right cat.