Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unofficial Crack-Pot Professor, Ep. 1: Air Soaking Experiment

Now before you listen to this episode please read the description!

These are not new episodes but actually historic memories of the history of Professor Hasenpfeffer. What these actually are is recorded Skype calls I had with Caleb Thiessen (director of CTD Productions) back as far as 2007. They are obviously un-scripted and not really episodes at all, so before you start thinking these are lame please bear in mind of how young we were when this was all recorded.

Saying that, I think you will still enjoy this one as it was the very first time Hasenpfeffer's existence was seen and while Caleb was trying to do his part I was trying not to explode laughing (as I'm sure you will find)

Anyway, Adventure Alley Productions now presents to you the first of the (unofficial) Hasenpfeffer series, entitled, Air Soaking Experiment.

Starring Caleb Thiessen and Josiah Coates

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