Saturday, October 24, 2009

Detective Zack #1: Secret of Noah's Flood Pt.1

Hello everyone. Finally, Secret of Noah's Flood is coming along. Sorry for all the delay, but there is a whole wad of stuff coming out really soon. Thank you for all of your patience.

Part 2 of Secret of Noah's Flood is coming out soon.

Please sit back, and enjoy Secret of Noah's Flood.

Starring Silas Johnson.


  1. Great job on your 11th production! It was good how you had Zack's voice echoic for when he was narrating to differentiate from the scenes... I was a little confused at first when the story started jumping ahead and then back again, but I finally got used to it. It was nice to at last hear the whole story behind what I was recording for!

    There were just a few things that weren't quite right. The one scene where they get out of the van and then just play tag for like 10 seconds and then go back in the van already was a little strange. I think it would have probably been better to have some narration at that spot as well. :) And then at a few parts there was a strange CLICK popping up which wasn't nice. But those are just some little problems. Overall, it was definitely your best production yet and I really enjoyed it!! Looking forward to Part 2 (which I hope is coming out next Saturday :D) ...

    J. B.

  2. Okay, I didn't give this one a rating. So, it gets, 4.5/5. And for the whole book, 5/5 cause I liked it.